Green Smoothies: Interlacing Forces


When creating a Green Smoothie we are mixing and matching fresh fruits and raw vegetables, each having a specific power, nutritional value, benefit, and function. At the end of the day, the process of selecting ingredients for your smoothie becomes an intertwining and interlacing process where you have complete control of what you can get out of your concoctions.  

No two Green Smoothies will ever come out exactly alike. Every one of them is unique even if you use the exact same ingredients in the exact same measurements because these ingredients are living just like you and I and therefore they are constantly evolving in quality, flavor  intensity and texture. The only thing that stays constant in these Raw & Living edibles is their nutritional value and the benefits we can gain from them. You are a like a chemist combining all the elements you need to eventually come up with the ultimate cure for every possible discomfort you can think of.  

Always remember: When you are making your Green Smoothie, you are not just making some drink that replaces a meal, you are creating something very powerful and very good for you. Something that could save lives if enough thought and dedication is put into the practice. The best place to start would be getting to know the fresh fruits, raw vegetables, proteins and boosters you plan to use in your magical drinks.

Here are a few food facts that might be helpful for you to start with:

Making Green Smoothies = Making Super Foods. Like I said these green colored concoctions are a blend of very powerful ingredients that can help rejuvenate, heal and nourish you.

Another thing I love about making Green Smoothies is that you hardly waste any parts of the fruits and vegetables you use because most of the parts you remove when you cook them instead, can be left in unnoticed in your smoothie.

You can consume about 1.5 L of your Green Smoothie per day, but I would suggest making them in batches or making two or three different kinds in the day if you want to be consuming that much because it is best to consume your Green Smoothie as soon as you can (within an hour of making it.) Also I would suggest working your way up to the 1.5L about 2 cups per day at a time so as not to give your body too much of a shocker.

A good ratio to follow would be 60-70% raw vegetables: 30-40% fresh fruits + your proteins + your boosters. Like I said, the possibilities are endless so experiment until you get your perfect mixture and have fun! J

Here’s a list of fresh fruits and raw vegetables you can start mixing & matching as well:


Apples (Red & Green)



Mango (Yellow & Green)

All types of Berries



Honey Dew Melon & Rock Melon

Lemons & Limes









All types of Lettuce

Bok Choy


Capsicum (Green, Red & Yellow Peppers)


Green Asparagus




Wheat Grass

Fresh Herbs (Parsley, Basil, Cilantro, Tarragon, Thyme, etc.)



Soy / Tofu (Any type)

Yogurt (preferably Low Fat)

Nuts & Seeds


Almond Milk

Soy Milk

Coconut Water

Pure Herbal Teas

Coconut Milk

Purified Water

Fresh Fruit Juices


Fresh Ginger Root (1 inch) – aids w/ digestion, relieves gas & bloating

Turmeric Powder (1/2 – 1 tsp.) – anti-inflamatory, helps boost immunity

Chia Seeds (1 Tbsp.) – anti-oxidant, high in protein & fiber, high in omega-3

Cinnamon (1/4 – ½ tsp.) – anti-oxidant, aids w/ digestion, adds a ton of flavor

Cardamom (1/4 – ½ tsp.) – aids w/ digestion

Flax  Meal (1 Tbsp.) – high in omega-3 fatty acid, improves elimintation

Goji Berries (1 – 2 Tbsps.) – boosts immunity, very nourishing, super food

Maca Powder (1 tsp.) – nutritive tonic, boosts energy

Shatavari Powder (1 tsp.) – nutritive tonic, female rejuvinative

Ashwagandha Powder (1 tsp.) – nutritive tonic, male rejuvinative

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 Tbsp.) – aids w/ digestive health, boosts immunity

Raw Honey (1 Tbsp) – good for immunity, excellent natural sweetener

Local Bee Pollen – boosts energy and immunity

Spirulina – richest beta carotene foodw/ full spectrum of ten mixed carotenoids, anti-aging properties, high in vitamin b-12,  disease fighter

Hemp Seeds – high in protein and essential amino acids, nature’s highest botanical source of essential fatty acids




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